Today, as we enter the 21st century, humans are increasingly dependent on digital technologies in almost every field of work. Of the many types of technology, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) such as computer hardware and software applications, mobile phones, the Internet and so on are probably the most indispensable category (Social Media, 2011). We need these tools for our work, social and personal lives (Johnstone, 2016) and they are applied across all areas of knowledge and activity, be they economic, political, social and so on (Castells, n.d.). Despite how important they are, not everyone in the world has access…

Nowadays, more and more people begin to pay attention to aesthetics, they start to care about their appearance, clothes, even the things they use or the decorations in their home. We can see a lot of beautiful pictures on social media, but we all know that they are most likely edited, such as remove acne on the face or brighten up the sky. But have you ever thought that this is an act of deception? There was a report about a mother who found a photo of her daughter on social media being reposted by other users. She discovered that…

Bridget Seah

Bridget here. A digital media designer who always exploring a variety of creative styles. I am passionate about any whimsy and simple cute things.

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